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Hi there!

It’s good to know you would like to know who I am! Because by the end of your wedding day we will possible become good friends! My name is Serge, a simple guy who moved to the United States couple of years ago and decided not to drop his favorite stuff which is just making videos for everyone, including you and myself. It may sound weird, but my name “Sergei” transformed to “CJ” since I moved here. There’s funny story behind that fact, but I’ll tell it to you on your wedding if you wish 🙂 I’ve been making videos for the last ten years now, and it’s been seven years since that moment when I decided I can do it professionally for someone. Videomaking is truly my passion. Even if I’m not “on duty” or traveling somewhere, I usually have my camera with me and I can make something interesting. By the way, travels are my other passion. I think I have to put some of my own videos below… And I will. That’s a good habit, because it helps me to develop my skills constantly.

Is there anything else I can tell about myself… Well I don’t know, I’m 28, single, funny, creative (or I love to think that I am), determined, etc. If there’s something else you wanna know, just feel free to ask. See you!

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