So, are you getting married? Congratulations!

One of the most important decisions in your life has been made and now you probably would like to find a good way to preserve memories from upcoming Big Day. The cheapest way is just memorize all details, emotions and visuals from the wedding and keep it in some safe area of your brain. The cheapest, but not the best – I’ve tried.

The second one is hiring the videographer, a guy with the camera who already filmed hundreds of couples within last 9 years, who has a bit of experience of story-telling, who has slight weird accent and who is me. Or someone else, because you are free to choose the professional you like the most and who has style of cinematography you would like to use. Anyway, you are here to know more and I would love to provide you more info. Let’s start with proofs of me capable to turn the camera on?

I’m currently based in Oregon and can easily go anywhere within 1,500 miles radius to shoot the wedding with no travel fees. So my main shooting areas are San Francisco bay area, Portland, Salem, Denver and Phoenix. But even if you need me in any more distant location, feel free to message me to get more details and availability info. I love adventures!

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