Wedding Videography

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I’m glad to see you here, I mean it! The most of videographers on their welcome pages telling you that the wedding day is the most important in your life, but I’m sure you know that already, so I just will offer you proofs that I’m capable of turning the camera on? And if you like my style, you can go here and choose your package!

About me

My name is Serge (CJ/That guy with weird accent) and I filmed at least couple of hundreds of weddings for the last last 9 years. Filming things is far from just being my job. It’s my passion and I don’t stop filming even when I’m travelling (it’s my other passion). I’m the lead shooter and the only editor of “Wolf’s Video” (which takes a lot of time and I keep blaming that for me being single) and also I made this website myself.

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My goal

…is making a video you’ll want to re-watch. My favorite story is when daughter of my newlyweds was asking her mom and dad to play their wedding video I made every day over and over again. So if can do that for you, I can be 100% sure I will keep doing videography.

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