I’m glad to see you here, I mean it! My name is CJ and I filmed at least couple of hundreds of weddings within last 9 years. Not sure if that’s exactly what you wanted to know, but here we go. The most of videographers on their welcome pages telling you that the wedding day is the most important in your life, but I’m sure you know that already, so I just will tell you that my goal is making the video you will love and which you will watch over and over again even after years from your wedding day. But lets start with proof that I’m capable of turning the camera on? And if you like my style, you can go here and choose your package!

I’m currently based in Arizona and can easily go anywhere with no travel fees. So my main shooting areas are San Francisco bay area, Portland, Salem, Denver and Phoenix. But even if you need me in any more distant location, feel free to message me to get more details and availability info. I love adventures!

NOTE: This summer I’m ready to go literally anywhere.

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