Hello and welcome to my website! My name is CJ and I love to make videos! It’s my passion for about 10 years and now it’s 8 years I’m doing this as a professional. Wedding day is one of the most important and memorable day, and I would love to help you to preserve it. I’m sure you are here not for long reading, so let’s just get started and find out, what’s the best I can do for you!

I am currently located in San Francisco Bay area, but I do weddings all over the west coast, and also willing to travel almost anywhere! Just contact me for more details.

Upd.: I’ll be in Washington DC area in August, so feel free to contact me if you’ll need me somewhere on the east 🙂

You can find more information about weddings HERE.

If you need something besides weddings – some other event covered or you just need my help to make some of your projects happen, feel free to contact me.

See you!



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