Wedding Films

Well, I hope you will like my work! A lot of time and effort are invested in the videos you see below. But… what is the difference between “5-min reel,” “15-min highlight film,” and “40-min full wedding film”? I did my best to explain the main differences between these three main formats. But what they have in common is that all films are created with the use of licensed music only, with voiceovers cleaned (if needed and if possible) and color graded.

More videos are available on VIMEO

Wedding Reels from Colorful Colorado

Let’s keep it short and sweet (like myself) and preserve your special day in the form of a 5- to 6-minute wedding reel! I like to keep reels dynamic and cheerful, but of course, I’m still saving your wedding’s vibes. If your wedding requires the video to be more romantic, I will work in that direction. For this kind of video, I try to keep both of your vows under 2.5 minutes total with some introduction words. Of course, I’m flexible here as well, and sometimes it’s simply not possible to cut vows that short, but keeping them short and sweet is my golden rule for this fromat. If you don’t want to have any voiceovers at all, that’s also an option, and I can make video music only (for example, watch Alex and Brian’s and Nayrana and Kevin’s videos below).

Nikki & Matt
Kenna & Cody
Nanette & David
Jessica & William
Sabina & Brandon
Bailey & Jesse
Danielle & Dave
Shannon & Jacob
Collin & Angie
Lauren & Steven
Natalie & Chase
Shannon & Justin
Brooke & Ryder
The Valentines
Mae & Dale
David & Lauren

Wedding Reels – Destination Weddings

More wedding reels, but from all over the place. Like I mentioned, I do travel and do it with no additional fees. Because it’s fun and sometimes challenging, but in the end, it’s always something I enjoy looking back on and looking forward to.

Alex & Brian (Hawaii)
Jayvon & Evan (Oregon)
Laci & Devon (Arizona)
Landon & Samantha (Oklahoma)
Rachel & Josh (California)
Ashlee & Justin (Washington)
Katelyn & Dan (Oregon)
Kiersten & Colton (Washington)
Brianne & Christian (Missouri)
Nayrana & Kevin (Vermont)
Charlene & Gyurme (California)

Highlight Films (10-15 minutes cinematic films)

Let’s go to the next level! Highlight films are somewhat like wedding reels, but a lot, lot more detailed with a variety of music used (wedding reels are always just one song). If you want to keep more of your vows and some of the speeches from the reception, this option is for you. In this format, I keep around 5 minutes of your vows (usually it means, basically, your entire vows) and the best parts of the speeches from the reception. Usually films like these are 50% pre-reception events and 50% reception, but it depends on what was going on during your wedding day. Events may be placed within film not in the exact order like they happened on your wedding day, for story-telling purposes, of course. A lot more details kept than in the 5-minute reels, and of course there is a lot more flexibility with the music and mood for each part of the video. I like to keep highlight films between 10 and 15 minutes long, but if there’s something I absolutely positively have to add to the film, I can make it slightly longer for up to 20 minutes. Highlight films are part of the “Sunshine” package, which also includes a 1-minute short sneak peak (usually delivered the next day or within 2-4 days, depending on my schedule after your wedding day).

Heather & Chris Highlight Film (Colorado)
Alex & Regan Highlight Film (Colorado)
Christy & Taylor Highlight Film (Texas)
Kim & Wes Highlight Film (Colorado)
Amanda & Jeremy Highlight Film (Tennessee)
Justin & Shannon Highlight Film (Wyoming)
Cody & Jenny Highlight Film (Camping in Colorado)

Full Wedding Films (35-40 min wedding films)

Full wedding films are the kind of films I believe you can call “documentary style” films. Full wedding films are meant to show your wedding day from the beginning until the final moment of the reception, keeping all the events mostly in chronological order (unlike the 15-minute highlight films). Getting a full wedding film usually means also getting a fully edited ceremony within the film and fully edited speeches within the same film, but only if we talk about a traditional 15-20 minute ceremony and a few people having their speeches at the reception. Let’s say if you’re having a 1-1.5-hour-long Catholic, orthodox Christian, or Indian ceremony, then I will have to cut it short to fit it within 35–40 minutes of film (and you probably will be thankful). Same with some toasts when people really like to tell stories, and in the end we have 1 hour of speeches total, I will have to cut them short as well (and you probably will be thankful even more). But if you want to have the full 1 hour of the ceremony and the full speeches edited, I have add-ons for that! Sometimes we have quite the opposite when the ceremony is super short (under 10 minutes) as well as the speeches; in this case, I will do my best and use all the appropriate footage to make the film as long as possible. Full wedding films are part of the package called “Memories,” which also includes a 1-minute sneak peek to share within a couple of days and a 4-6-minute wedding reel.

Alex and Jordan Full Wedding Film (Colorado)
Jessica and Steven Full Wedding Film (Arizona)