Hello there!

It’s good to know you would like to know who I am, not only what I do! My name is Serge, also known as “CJ” since I moved here to the US (strange, I know, but there’s funny story behind that fact, I’ll tell it to you on your wedding if you want 🙂 ) I’ve been making videos for the last fourteen years now, and it’s been ten years from that moment when I imagined that I can do it professionally. Videomaking is truly my passion. Even if I’m not “on duty” or traveling somewhere, I usually have my camera with me and I can make something interesting. By the way, travels are my other passion and if you’ll need me for a destination wedding, just let me know! But mostly I film here in Colorado, also in Texas, sometimes in Arizona and Tennessee. No travel fees!

Call me: 785-760-4868


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